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2009 The Stats


Well we are now in a new year and for all but the first few days of 2009 I was running Google Analytics on my blog. So how did I do last year.

I had 20, 508 Absolute Unique Visitors, making 34,608 visits and 41,132 page views. In the Total Politics Guide to Political Blogging 2009-2010 I came 11th Scottish Blog, 11th Lib Dem and 101st Overall. I also had the honour of writting up the Scottish Blogging Year for publication.

My Wikio Rankings in their have shown a constant upwards trend but I wasn't tracking them the whole year. However I entered the top 100 political blogs in April and since then via Liberal England, Caron's Musings and myself I've been able to track the trend, mainly upwards since.
  • March 149
  • April 98
  • May 71
  • June 75
  • July 73
  • August 68
  • September 52
  • October 47
  • November 34
  • December 45
I wrote 803 Blogposts on this blog, 3 Haggis, Neeps and Liberalism pieces for Lib Dem Voice, 3 pieces on Slugger O'Toole and a guest post on Malc In the Burgh.

But of the 803 on this blog which are the most read. Trust me I'm as shock as you that there are two sets of equal placings over a twelve month period. As you will some but not all will have a banner shown they were featured elsewhere, which of course helped to boost some of their readership.

1. 25 Random Things About Me - This Meme went slightly viral on me hitting high in the google searches.
2. Chinese Deadly Whispers - A sleeper which actually is most often hit from google images.
3. BBC Fail to Answer My Concerns - About my complaint about lack of representation at Edinburgh Question Time when Jo Swinson was pulled at the last minute.
4. Oil Be There For You - Megrahi, Gadaffi, Brown, Salmond and black gold, Texas Tea, what really were the motivations.
5. = Kung Hei Fat Choy - My Chinese New Year message looking at failings on human rights on the year they promised change as a result of hosting the Olympics.
5.= Target Seats Were Based on Evidence at the Time Irfan - A little lesson in campaigning for Irfan Ahmed.
7.= Dunfermline Building Society: Need For Action - Following the failure of the Government to look after the banking sector the cry from the mutual for fairness in consideration.
7. = Why I Still Need to Go to Church - My personal Favourite blogpost of the year in light of the Scott Rennie and gay clergy in the Church of Scotland position.
9. No Matter What: Stephen Gately 1976-2009 - My tribute to Stephen Gately which grew through the day that his death was announced.
10. Campaign So 'Clean' that Chloe Smith's Job was Swept Under the Carpet - When the Conservative Candidate (now MP) for Norwich North by election called for a clean campaign she missed a spot.
11. Blogiquette 101: FAO Derek Draper - The founding editor of LabourList gets a tutorial in good blogging technique after he singularily fails to get it.

So those are the top of the year, but what about month by month. Here in Chronological order are the top 3 for each month. (Those not linked to are in the year's top 11 above)

  • Dunfermline Building Society: Need for Action
  • I Skunnered (should be Skunnert) - My reaction to the action Scottish Executive took over three of Trumpgate four.
  • Alternative View on Aberdeenshire - Pointing readers to other views on the above, well view of my now quite regular drinking partner Ruaraidh Dobson who called me dead wrong.
  • Chinese Deadly Whispers (only took about 25% of its annual hits in month of publication)
  • Piers Morgan is a Snob - Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan condemns the friendly town of Blackburn, West Lothian "a dump", I defend West Lothian's honour.
  • Car Scrap Scheme Myth - Fisking the environmental outcome of Chancellors new big idea.
  • Why I Still Need to Go to Church
  • Chinese Deadly Whispers (still only another approx 25% this month
  • Petition in Support of Scott Rennie - Does exactly what it says in the title, merely a signpost.
  • Campaign so 'Clean' That Chloe Smith's Job Was Swept Under the Carpet
  • Women Died for the Right to Make Their Own Decision - Yeah Irfan Ahmed failed to capture the point of universal sufferage.
  • Chinese Deadly Whispers (fourth month in a row in the top three)
It just remains for me to thank you all for coming and reading for yet another year. In fact you have come from 129 Countries

  • 1. United Kingdom 74.35%
  • 2. United States of America 12.45%
  • 3. Canada 1.97%
  • 4. Ireland 0.99%
  • 5. Belgium 0.89%
  • 6. Austrialia 0.83%
  • 7. France 0.74%
  • 8. Germany 0.72%
  • 9. Netherlands 0.47%
  • 10. Sweden 0.36%
  • 11. Spain 0.35%
Which makes the rest of the world 5.88%.

So all of you from India, Italy, New Zealand, Kuwait Philippines, Norway, Singapore, Hungary, Poland, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Indonesia, Romania, Finland, Slovakia, United Arab Emirites, Thailand, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, Greece, Portugal, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Israel, Denmark, China, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Luxembourg, Isle of Man, Slovenia, Taiwan, Egypt, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Argentina, Lithuania, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Pakistan, Estonia, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Jersey, Bahrain, Austria Columbia, Peurto Rico, Trinidad and Tobaga, Nigeria, Venuzuela, Chile, Gibraltar, Peru, Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kenya, Mauritius, Malta, Iceland, Serbia, Jamacia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Morrocco, Yemen, Bahamas, Georgia, Albania, Guernsey, Bangladesh, Grenada, Cyprus, Tunisia, Iran, El Salvador, Oman, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Panama, Maldives, Cayman Islands, Belize, Paraquay, Rwanda, Algeria, Ghana, Dominca, Moldova, Belarus, Guadalope, Monaco, Sudan, Liechtenstein, Lebanon, Bermuda, Mongolia, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, British Virgin Islands, Nicaragua, Laos, US Virgin Islands, Haiti, Iraq, Honduras, Namibia, Uruquay, Botswana or Martinique thank you very much for visiting.

My question now is how long before Andrew Reeves repeats this format?

* Trust me I don't believe this made the Daley Dozen either but it has, on the same line as Guido.
** I know this should be hoisted thanks to comments made.

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