Sunday, September 06, 2009

Oil Be There For You*

There are 2,500 families of the victims of the IRA's Libyan supplied Semtex.But the latest news over Westminster's 'special relationship' with Libya is that Gordon Brown vetoed attempts to force Libya to pay compensation as it would affect Trade Talks.

Lawyers for the victims are wanting the government to get a US-style scheme of compensation which has paid out $2.7 billion (£1.6 billion) to their 270 victims on Pan-Am flight 103. The latest revelation coming hot on the heels of Jack Straw's admission that oil deals with Libya were partially a factor in the talks about Megrahi. However, Gordon Brown in his silence breaking statement Wednesday appears to tell a different tale from his Justice Secretary when he said:

"On our part there was no conspiracy, no cover-up, no double dealing, no deal on oil, no attempt to influence Scottish ministers, no private assurances by me to Colonel Gaddafi

"As I told Colonel Gaddafi at the only meeting with him I have had, a decision on Megrahi was the sole responsibility of the Scottish Government. So when I met him I could not give him comfort or any assurance at all about [al-Megrahi's] fate."

Too much is unravelling, there is something going on behind the scenes that is trying not to look out for those UK citizens affected by Libya sponsored terrorism down the years. Just want stance is the Government taking with our seemingly new best friends (with oil)? There are mixed messages coming from Westminster which are making Iain Grey the leader in Scotland look more and more out of the loop and ridiculous as he attacks Kenny MacAskill. It also seems to be that questions need to be asked of Brown and Straw rather than finger wagging at the Scottish Justice Minister.

None of this affects my previous thoughts on the rightness of the decision at the time, although there does now appear to be even greater subterfuge into the points leading up to that. The unfairness of the treatment of the terrorists over the victims and their families, the deals that were going on behind the scenes. Just what does the Prime Minister et al know that has yet to come out.

*The title of course is a take on a title of the Rembrandts' song used in the title sequence of Friends.

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Jess The Dog said...

I bet Jack Straw was on the phone every other day to Kenny McAskill, saying "by the way, ahem, if you ever want to release that Libyan chap, we won't object."


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