Who I am Not

Doing a quick google search you find there are a lot of people who possibly share your name. Little this I know growing that Steve Martin the actor's full name was Stephen Glenn Martin for example.

These are some of the interesting people who share my name, but most certainly are not me. So apologies if you were looking for one of the others.

I'm not the late child educationalist and author H. Stephen Glenn who set up the training programme Developing Capable Young People, despite the two of us being at the top of google searches.

Nor am I Steve Glenn of Living Homes although I heartily endorse his company's aims to built sustainable and ecological housing.

I'm not a Nevada realtor, or recruitment consultant in Birmingham, England. Or the compter games inventor (yeah even I get out-geeked for my own name), this Doctor in Texas, or another in Alabama, this Tulsa Dentist, or the New England travel agent who donates to the Republicans (pah can't all have the same politics).

I’m not a professional photographer in Missouri, nor a beautician from California.

In sports even though I do play bowls I’m not this Steven Glen who is East Lothian anyway not West, though we were introduced by Jonathan Ross this one not this one. Nor am I the CFL Linebacker. There's even a clip of a Stephen Glenn going bobsledding on YouTube which again is not me.


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