Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Year of the Nearly Blog - Month Charlie

What a month I've had, took a fortnight's holiday and had a week without broadband and then the Laptop packed up. Therefore I don't expect the stats of this month to be all that good. Although Mark Valadares did call me 'the godfather of Scottish Lib Dem blogging', and I did make the Golden Dozen in the midst of my local difficulties.

However, at the start I'd climbed into the top 40 of the Wikio Political blogs to 34, just behind Jeff not sure if that is the reason I have been removed again from his blogroll, he really doesn't play fair at times. So does that climb make be less of a nearly blog? Possibly but there are still 33 blogs ahead of me and this month hasn't helped.

Last month I had 1,271 absolute unique visitors down from 2,516 in October. They made 2,024 (3,863) visits and 2,486 (4,671) page views. So -49%which was to be expected for a fortnight of turmoils and no weekend postings. My busiest day was the 3rd November the day of I found a memo in light of Professor Nutt's removal and something unusual about Caroline Righton's Unpology.

But that's enough of the procrastinating on with what you're all waiting for my top 11s* for November.
Top referring sites were:

1. (1) Google/organic
2. (2) Direct Hits
3. (3) Lib Dem Blogs
4. (4) Twitter
5. (5) Lib Dem Voice
6. (9) Blogger
7. (10) Brtiblogs
8. (7) SNP Tactical Voting
9. (6) Malc in the Burgh (Rest in rest)
10. (-) Google/referral
11. (-) Planet Politics

I only wrote 48 new contributions to the blog down from 787 last months. The 11 stories that you've been reading most (by direct page views) are:

1. SNP Wants Scots to Waive their Rights to Determine Their Future
2. Gay Youth Faces Death in Iran
3. New Edict from Non-Scientific Home Office
4. Question of Sexuality- or Not
5. Dubai Crisis as a Spider
6. Stonewall Hero - A Humble Man of God
7. What I Find Surprising about the Caroline Righton Unpology
8. When No Doesn't Quite Mean No
9. Labour the Home Rule Guard! - Who Do You Think you are Kidding Yousuf Hamid?
10. Tam, Whose Line is it Anyway?
11. Wikio MacBlogosphere Rankings November

Where did you all come from? Here's the top countries from the 59 that visited this month, close to the 60 in October.

1. (1) United Kingdom
2. (2) USA
3. (5) Canada
4. (3) Ireland
5. (9) France
6. (4) Netherlands
7. (10=) India
8. (7) Austrailia
9. (17) Italy
10. (36) United Arab Emirates [do you think Dubai had something to do with this?]
11. (6) Germany

* Hey once I've started I'm not going to stop, you'll need to vote me into a top 10 next year when Iain Dale calls you to the ballot.

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