Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What I Find Surprising About the Caroline Righton Unpology*

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice
I see that Matt Davies is reporting that Tory PPC for St Austell and Newquay Caroline Righton has issued an unpology. If fails to apologise for the email she sent in response to the Tweet that was reported to her but adapted somewhere along the way from Stephen Gilbert's original. All this while pledging to fight a clean and positive campaign.

What I do find strange is that this A-Listista PPC should take two weeks to get to this stage and still not issue an apology, merely shuffling around that this is some misunderstanding. Cardiff Blogger (formerly of the same party) reports that 'a person rather high up in the Conservative Party (who shall remain nameless)' told him within 3 days of a similar misuse of language he would need to issue a grovelling apology, and certain wording was suggested.This edict came in response to a complaint to David Cameron.

Considering he was only Conservative Future Chairman for UWIC and not a candidate in a tight election scrap you would suspect Ms Righton would have had even more pressure come to bear. Admittedly Stephen's agent's letter only was sent to David Cameron on the 28th October, but the story has been around the Lib Dem Blogosphere for a fortnight and gathering momentum and coverage of the sort that Central Office must surely frown upon.

Recent episodes do show one thing though, the Tories are just as concerned about attempting to control social media as Labour ever were under Damian McBride.

* Use of the word copyright Millennium Elephant

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