Thursday, November 05, 2009

Wikio MacBlogosphere Rankings November

It is that time of the month again Wikio have announced the the political rankings for November. So it time for me to put on the kilt, listen to the scurl of the pipes and see how the rest of those canny Scots have faired.

The answer is not bad, not bad at all. There are now 5 in the top 40 one more than last month, 9 in the top 75 two more than last month and a grand total of 13 of the top 100 again two more than last month.

Non-moving yet again is Tom Harris will the top Parliamentarian ever make that break into the top 5. I will count Alex Massie after forgetting his last month and he really has soared climbing 26 places to enter the top twenty breathing down the cute Greek Baby's neck.

Jeff of SNP Tactical Voting has risen a further 7 to number 33 keeping his place as the top Nationalist, but I am right behind him having climbed 13, meaning I've overtaken Caron, who's had a tough month health-wise, as the top Lib Dem. Though Subrosa losing the one place she'd gained last month moves just ahead of Caron to become the top Scottish woman blogger.

Underdog Bites Upwards is the highest new entry at 70, having been hovering at 102 last month. Wonder which Scot is lurking there this month as Two Doctors was there in September before entering the top 100. The month he has climbed 8 to 74, leaping over Ranting Rob who also enters the top 80.

Yousuf is a non-mover, Malc climbs 4, Andrew Reeves makes it a hat trick of Lib Dems with his entry at 91.

As usual here is the complete list with last month's rankings in brackets.

1. Tom Harris MP And another Thing... 6 (6)
2. Mr Eugenides 16 (16)
3. Alex Massie's Spectator Blog 19 (45)
4. SNP Tactical Voting 33 (40)
5. Stephen's Linlithgow Journal 34 (47)
6. Subrosa 43 (42)
7. Caron's Musings 44 (41)
8. Underdog Bites Upwards 70 (102)
9. Two Doctors 74 (82)
10. Ranting Rab 78 (81)
11. Yapping Yousuf 83 (83)
12. Malc in the Burgh 87 (91)
13. Andrew Reeve's Running Blog 91 (139)

Well done one and all the Scottish Blogopshere really is going from strength to strength and there is some amazing and diverse blogs holding their own and advancing up the rankings.

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Tam Smith said...

Stephen,What do you think of the almost 3 million pounds worth of Town Centre regeneration funding provided by an SNP administration for the constituency we represent.
We have all been working hard with local groups and our partners in Holyrood to secure such funding thus providing much needed jobs in construction as well as adding a facelift to local shops etc.Where were the Lib Dems when all of this was going on.Come on Stephen let's be positive and work together for the benefit of our local areas.I can assure you it wasn't easy taking part in the bids but it was more worthwhile than critisising ones web page postings. Tam.


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