Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tory Bear Pop Psychiatry Gone Political

First he said he was able to spot paedophiles by sight.

Now the omnipotent Tory Bear is able to diagnose from London just what is wrong with Steven Purcell* who stepped down as leader of Glasgow City Council today. If I wasn't hearing that he was hospitalised this evening at the same time that Tory Bear decided to be post his trash it probably wouldn't have got my attention.

His claim that Purcell being "happy as larry on Friday morning yet mysteriously cleared his diary by the afternoon and went into crisis meetings before bringing out the "stress" press release last night." is pop psychiatry of the worst kind.

A mental break down can happen in many ways. You can slowly slide into slowly, seeing the warning lights, or it can come upon suddenly like a car breaking down at 70 on the motorway. Hence the appropriateness of the name.

Harry Cole didn't graduate from Edinburgh in psychiatry but in Politics and Economics I believe (I am prepared to be corrected). Therefore he is merely playing politics with a Labour politician's mental health. Nice to see the Tories playing the ball not the man.

Tory Bear is also saying his is sniffing around for a story. You wonder what story a man who ended his five year marriage to admit that he was gay could possibly less survivable than that news in 2006. If Tory is being homophobic in his digging maybe he should apply for a job with the Daily Fail he seems ideally suited for that rag.

Even Alex Salmond put aside party differences to say:

"We would pay tribute to the contribution he has made to Glasgow, particularly the partnership that the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council have been involved in to secure the Commonwealth Games, and to plan for a fantastic legacy from the games for Glasgow and the whole of Scotland."

As Steven is seeking help for his illness on medical advise I would like to wish him a full recovery.

* By the way I notice that for all his alleged research Mr Cole hasn't managed to give Steven the correct spelling of his name.


Jess The Dog said...

Such resignations, and the media reaction, can be unedifying.

As we all know, politicians occasionally resign for some form of wrongdoing, claiming other reasons such as a breakdown or family reasons, and there is a consequential public interest. Sometimes there may be both wrongdoing and mental and emotional turmoil, such as with the Iris Robinson affair.

However, Purcell was generally well-regarded by all in public life and far from being a fool of any kind. So this is certainly plausible and should be taken at face value...even though it is difficult to suspend cynicism in the current political environment. There are very tough times ahead in the public sector, severe job cuts are likely (Glasgow City Council is a massive employer) and this prospect will add to any stress placed on those having to make the decisions.

RantinRab said...

Why the news blackout from the city chambers and why the hiring of a PR company?

Seems strange to me.

Harry Cole said...

very wide of the mark Stephen.

he has been out for years.

look closer.

Stephen Glenn said...

As I said Harry in the post that news emerged in 2006. But as your equality spokesperson in the Lords was speaking against equality last night I was just wondering if this was part of the current narrative.

Harry Cole said...

yawn nice distraction from the fact you were wrong. keep spinning

Stephen Glenn said...

You were the one who said look closer.

Fact is I already have, but I'm putting the man's health ahead of cheap political point scoring.

Harry Cole said...

there was no cheap shot. i was disputing the fact i said implied he was covering up a coke habit and you accused me of homophobia and spreading false information.

you should just give up with your ridiculous obsession with me.


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