Monday, February 15, 2010

So Tory Bear Describe a Typical Paedophile?

The disgusting and thoroughly uncuddly Tory Bear has made a tweet too far. During the Gordon Brown interview with Piers Morgan he tweeted. "Brown looks like paedo".

(I see that Tory Bear has deleted the post put I'd taken a sceen print in case he deleted without apology, no apology so here it is)

Of course of those involved in acts of child abuse 30% are as likely to be family members not just the strangers you'd meet on the street. Up to 20% of offences may be perpetrated by women rather than men.

Maybe in light of this Tory Bear would like to tell us what sort of new detection process, maybe facial profiling, he has come up with that would help the police, or is that Dave's SS, to round up all the paedophiles in the country by sight alone?

Indeed this is the blogger who wants to take the Tory spotlight and push their agenda front and centre but with such language and reaction he's really just a low life and he's proven it again.

However, if this is the level of Conservative Future, maybe it isn't that much of a surprise that Dave doesn't want actually Tory students behind him when he's making a speech. But then the Conservative Future Scotland Chair thinks it's OK to lie about their provenance "it's called PR". Oh dear the young Tories seem to not understand when the people don't trust politicians to start PR needs to be truthful, honest and decent.

PS I wonder if the same action from un high in Conservative Central Office will befall Tory Bear's use of language. Which IMHO is actually worse as it is in a political sense that that which brought the heavy hand down on Cardiff Blogger last November.

Update 19:00 I see that Harry Cole is trying to excuse his tweet on drink and twitter mixing. Only problem is that even sober he still keeps putting into writing his thoughts and they haven't changed.

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asquith said...

Harry Cole thinks this sort of thing is normal because this & much worse is standard practice in CF, that's why he's probably surprised that human beings object to it.

If it were anyone else, such as Matt Lewis, Cole would be pretending to be outraged & knife him in the back for his own gain.


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