Friday, March 06, 2009

Wish I Weren't Here

Today I will be sitting at my desk in Edinburgh only a 20 minute bus ride from home but I'd far rather have had a longer journey top make this morning. A train from Waverley to York then onward to Harrogate would have been great as the Federal Lib Dem Autumn Spring* conference kicks off today.

It's that time in the election cycle when there is that little more focus on the year and 16 months ahead as we know we will be facing a General Election by then. PPCs are buzzing wanting to grab as much training and feedback from others as possible. The policy agenda although ever present is looking to shore up key policies in key areas that will be a focus for the time ahead and the key narrative starts to emanate down from the leaders to the conference attendees and from there out to our constituencies.

For various reasons I've missed Autumn conference since 2005. In 2006 it was exhaustion after the Dunfermline and West Fife campaign, in 2007 I'd just lost my father, and last year I was just getting myself back into the flow of things. This year sadly it is due to finances, my backdated and now unfrozen pay review kicks in 7 days too late. It means I may have been able to consider it even at on the day prices next Friday. As it is I'll be heading to Perth then for Scottish Conference instead.

However, even at a distance I'll try my best to keep you updated with key things that are going on, although I'll be missing out directly on the gossip. BBC Parliament is a wonderful resource at a time like this.

*Thanks to Neil Mackinnon for pointing out that despite the weather it is spring and not autumn.

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