Friday, March 06, 2009

Aberdeenshire Update: Debra Storr

I see on Debra Storr's old blog that she has tendered her resignation to the party. However, she has set up a new blog with a rather selective current blogroll.

It is sad that it has come to this both as it has happened to a friend and also to someone who shares many of the same political views as myself. The party will be bereft as a result.

It does leave a lot of pondering to be done.


subrosa said...

As I've said before Stephen, the whole debacle in Aberdeen hasn't done the libdems or Ms Storrar and Co any good whatsoever. Shame too because the libdems have a good following up there but this type of nonsense doesn't wash well with the public as we all know.

subrosa said...

Ooops that should be Ms Storr sorry.

Alex Wilcock said...

Oh, that's shocking. A party that has no room for Debra should be ashamed of itself.

I wish she'd stayed to fight her corner but, realistically, as the 'judge' had - as you've reported - already in effect found against her before hearing the evidence, what hope of fair treatment did she have?

Anonymous said...

"...This blog will shortly be removed by the Party. That’s fair enough. I’ve had enough and I am resigning from the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Thanks for all the support I have had from members of the Party and supporters of the Party. You have been fantastic and I am genuinely sorry to leave - but I know we will remain friends and stay in touch - that’s the beauty these days between Facebook, blogs and personal websites. But the Party’s leadership has badly let me down - and worse - and I can not find it in me to continue to fight for the principles we share to be lived not just simply mouthed......"

All part of Tavish's Leadership Crisis, following on from the nightmare that was nichol stephen.

The Libdems are flatlining in the north east

neil craig said...

Since Debra not only actively supported expelling me for suggesting the party discuss such traditional liberal economic ideas as lowering taxes, but also deliberately lied to assist in the process it is clearly impossible for her to honestly object to far less high handed behavious by the party for putting idealogy long ahead of her constituents interests.


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