Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Can We Afford this Effrontery?

Apparently the Nat Government has effectively turned down £13bn from Westminster aimed to get PFI projects such as schools and hospitals off the ground when the private sector element is not forthcoming.

It clearly is one problem when there is a recession that private companies clam up in new capital investment if they can and focus on things that currently exist. However, as the SNPs Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) has failed to materialise after 21 months and because of their opposition and cessation to the previous PFI model on which SFT is based. There has yet to be a single SFT .

The Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy said:

"The UK-wide temporary fund means PFI projects in Scotland can be considered for support on the same terms as UK departments. The Scottish Futures Trust has yet to procure a single project which might be eligible.

"The Scottish Government needs to stop putting its dogmatic position before Scotland's interests when it comes to PFI. We need to get Scotland building again if we are going to get through the recession and it would make sense for Scottish ministers to reconsider their opposition as soon as possible."

Not a single project! Just what are they playing at? When can we expect something to kick off? Also what does this mean should they gain their wish for Independence will be also see Scotland stall while the lacking infrastructure is uhmed and ahhed about?

Jeremy Purvis the Lib Dem finance spokesperson added:

"This shows very clearly that the SNP has brought to a halt the pipeline of projects vital for Scotland to work through a recession.

"In 2006-7 there were over £1 billion worth of PPP/PFI and NPD contracts awarded in Scotland; now this is down to less than a third of that, with catastrophic timing."

The Nats tried to divert attention by saying the bail-out was "proof positive" that the PFI model was the "economics of the madhouse". Rather ironic use of words at least they was some sort of "house" being build even if the system did need refining, but the do nothingness of SFT really is a madhouse especially with the First Minister himself ranting on about the need to invest money in Scotland to secure Scottish jobs.

The stubbornness of the Nationalist mule to make everything in their own image and cut down things that were in place before a working replacement is in place together with trying to ignore that Scotland is still part of a larger entity is the real economics of the madhouse.

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