Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Alternative View on Aberdeenshire

rWhen I posted this on Saturday I was expecting quite a bit of backlash to my comments regarding the suspension of Cllrs. Debra Storr, Paul Johnston and Sam Coull. Maybe the worst is being stored up for Perth in less than a fortnights time.

However, as it is in my nature to listen to the other side of the argument I'd direct you to Ruaraidh Dobson's blog post as a Liberal Youth Scotland co-optee unto the exec on a insiders take of proceedings on Saturday. I do however take exception to him saying that the three have badmouthed the Liberal Democrats. The three are Liberal Democrats to the core and that is the crux of this matter, they instinctively know what it means to be liberal and democratic. They have never badmouthed 'the party'.

They have had issues with some within the group with whom they had to work, something that is not unique in large gatherings of Liberal Democrats, and something which they tried to resolve through party channels. Sadly while a mediation was started out upon this action was taken. However, all three still are deeply committed to the aims of the Liberal Democrats something I know from personal correspondence with Debra and Paul, and a sentiment echoed by many other activists across the country.

Also the official line of the exec can be found on Lib Dem Voice and quoted in the Press and Journal.

PS for the kind friend who warned me about the men in grey suits, they haven't turned up yet. But I'll keep my dark glasses, sandals wig and passports handy just in case.

Update 4 March: Cllr. Paul Johnston has made the following comment of Ruaraidh's blog which backs up my opinion that this decision was taken wholly on the evidence of one side.

How many things can you get wrong in one blog. Please, if you want to post
information about what I did or did not do, you can always speak to me.

It is not full of anything that does any of what you suggest.

I am astonished where you might get this kind of view for your blog. If
you are going to publicly remark on my character to suggest that I was
‘badmouthing the Party’ then I hope you might find out from me first, which was
not done at the Executive on Saturday as you have confirmed.

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