Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Official Ming and Tavish Backing Ros

Just announced on the I'm 4 Ros website is the news that the immediate past leader of the Lib Dems across the UK and current Scottish leader are backing Baroness Ross Scott for the post of Federal Party President.

Ming Campbell MP and Tavish Scott MSP back Ros
17 Oct 09:00

Sir Menzies Campbell MP and the newly elected Lib Dem leader, Tavish
Scott MSP have today both announced their support for Ros Scott for Federal
Party President.

Sir Menzies Campbell MP said:

"I urge every party member to look carefully at all the candidates and to
ask themselves what we want our Party President to do. I believe Ros Scott would
fulfil the role of President admirably. She has credibility, is well known in
the party, has senior political experience and is a person of good judgement."

Tavish Scott MSP said:

"This job may not feel particular relevant to members voting in Scotland -
but it is critically important who does this job for us. Ros has pledged to
listen and feedback- to ensure the Party in Westminster doesn't lose touch with
the party at large. I would like the reassurance of working with someone whose
instincts I trust, whose experience I value, and who I know is a good friend to
the Scottish Liberal Democrats."


Jennie Rigg said...

I came to get dunked in the loch and found that the offer had been withdrawn... :(

Stephen Glenn said...

Ok I bow to reader pressure and reinstate the thing.

Jennie Rigg said...

* smooch *

Kev said...

D'ye know, I'm thinking of voting for Lembit? But I think I'm being contrary, rather than logical.

Looking at her campaign, and declared high level support, it's no problem for Ros Scott, and I'm sure she'll do very well. If I knew more about her, I would probably vote for her.

I'm not voting for the guy with the bad spelling on his website, although I did consider it.

Put simply, I like Lembit, and would not wish to see him embarrassed.

I'll make my mind up soon...


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