Friday, October 17, 2008

Google UK Blown Off the Google Earth

Picture by Adrian Dennis/PA taken from The Times
It was just an ordinary Thursday. That is except that the woman's profile that once upon a time graced green bits of paper which appeared in people's wallets, before they were phased out for round gold coloured coinage, also graced the front page of the world's largest Internet search engine. For on this particular Thursday this octogenarian, and her even older husband, were just slipping down the road from their town house to visit the London HQ of the world's guide to well life, the universe and everything really. That was before they got home to find the place swamped with Olympic and Paralympic athletes, who said they'd just popped around for a nice cup of tea. Although she was rather proud that they seemed to have raided a fair proportion of all the gold in China.

When they got they dottery they were not showing a aptitude for mouse eye co-ordination that many younger people may be jealous of. However, when the Duke of Edinburgh was being shown images of Buckingham Palace just up the road he asked the whizz kids if they could show him their base at Belgrave House, 76 Buckingham Palace Rd, London, United Kingdom. Sadly all Google Earth could show him at that location was a hole in the ground, where the building had yet to be, it appears that His Royal Highness had uncovered a glitch in the fabric of the space google time continuum, no doubt one of the casually dressed members of staff, providing it wasn't assigned to the teaboy in error will have been putting that to right straight away.

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