Thursday, October 18, 2007

Well that was short lived

Well it looks like my post this morning was being written at the same time as Steve Webb was preparing to announce he would not in fact be standing in the leadership campaign.

It looks like the campaign will now be shaping up into a two horse race unless something is stirring under the waters of which nobody has yet caught a sniff. Let us not forget that at one point the last leadership campaign looked like being a coronation of Ming before Simon Hughes, Chris Huhne and briefly Mark Oaten took up the challenge. So maybe Messers Clegg and Huhne shouldn't be preparing just yet to face just the one opponent.

Although to be honest at present after all the declarations of non-intent it is becoming harder to find out just where a serious challenge may yet come. Having said that many of didn't expect or know much of Chris Huhne in early 2006, yet look at what he acheived back then. Still a couple of weeks yet until nominations close and there are still plenty of MPs who have not committed to one candidate unlike the hoardes around Ming early on last time.

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