Thursday, October 18, 2007

After Weighing up the Options

Much as I like both Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne I think they are much of a muchness as a choice for party leader, they are from similar groupings within our diverse party. As my dear friend Caron puts it the current choice is like picking between Red Leicester and Cheddar. So where is the Gorgonzola or Brie?

Simon Hughes was to some extent that the last time around but he has already ruled himself out of contention. John Hemming is just too ripe a cheese for many of us to consider as leader, no offence John. Charles Kennedy although not ruling anything out seems to suggest that it would take a Damascus Road moment to bring him around. So where is the variety going to come from?

That brings me to look at who the press are already considering the third potential serious candidate in this embryotic contest, Steve Webb. He has already blogged that he has consulted Parliamnetary colleagues and has enough backing to throw his hat into the ring. Unlike Cameron who has turned his back on the manefestos he has writen Steve would not have that problem as our policies are ultimately decided by the party members. What we need is a leader to communicate those views to the public rather than railroad over the memberships views, from what I've seen of Steve his is capable of that and diverse enough from both Brown and Cameron to stand out.

For the sake of igniting the debate, without all the sexual revelations and ageism of last time, I would encourage Steve to take that step and if he does he would have my backing.

There is already a Bloggers4Steve site up and running and I have added his button to my blog.

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