Friday, October 27, 2006

Livingston MP Shows True Sporting Colours

Well Jim Devine is showing his true sporting colours in a charity event tomorrow.

While local team Livingston are away in Dumfries against Queen of the South, he will be parading the SPL trophy currently held by his beloved Celtic at the Almondvale shopping centre, without earshot most Saturdays of the Livi drums.

While the event is to raise money for charity it is said that the local MP is encouraging teh support of non-local football teams within his own community. Livingston FC have for the 11 years of their existance been fighting an uphill battle to encourage local people to support the local team. The youngsters of West Lothian are the best hope for the local team to survive in the long term.


Anonymous said...

Let me first point ou that I find Jim Devine an example of the worst kind of 'monkey in a suit' Labour MP. I think he's ineffectual and devoid of ideas. Somethine that you Stephen may know a lot about.

Do you really think that rasiing money for charity is a 'bad thing'. You are clearly a bit desperate, the guy can support any team he like surely, all part of the crazy freedom of choice and expression that goes into being is a 'liberal democracy'. Maybe its time to be a wee bit more tolerant of the team that people suport given its just a game. I trust that you'll be giving us weekly updates on all Linlithgow Rose games from here on in. I`m looking forward to seeing your commitment to your local team thta also struggles along.

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Anonymous said...

Stephen. The guy is a Celtic fan. A lot of voters in Livingston are likewise.

What's the problem here? Are you suggesting he pretend to be something he's not?

I don't really see your point other than some petty negativism.

And I write as someone who wouldn't vote for Jim Devine on a month of Sundays.


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