Friday, October 27, 2006

Expenses at Different Ends of Scale

The list of MPs expenses until the 31st March puts the two West Lothain MPs at different ends of the chart. Michael Connarty for Linlithgow and Falkirk East is the 8th Highest in Scotland 14th in the UK with £151,852, while Livingston's victor Jim Devine is 57th of the Scots with £92,297. Only the Speaker Michael Martin and the other, later By Election Willie Rennie claimed less than Devine.

Connarty however is not the most expensive MP in the Lothians that dubious honour is retained by Edinburgh South's Nigel Griffiths.

Although the evening news is worryingly telling us that Jim Devine is MP for Linlithgow. Is Connarty aware of this?


The break down of how the expenses were accrued for Connarty and Devine are now on just don't tell Jack Straw.

Connarty's expenses are up £11,476 on last year. While making savings in stationary, computers and staff travel. It is his incidental expenditure which has shot up by £9,461 or 51% on last year which is the bulk of his increase.

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Will said...

That's my MP top of the list, and what a waste of space he is. I can confirm, as the article says, that he rarely speaks - I'm subscribed to his TheyWorkForYou feed. When he does, it's nearly always foreign affairs. Fair enough, as that's a reserved issue (although I wonder if he's hinting at an FCO position?), but it's not as if he should have much health or education casework...


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