Wednesday, December 14, 2005

One ASBO Good More and the Police Can't Cope

Proof that ASBOs are not the best use of police resources comes today from West Lothian’s divisional commander.

While Superintendent Jim Coupland admitted the recent ASBO in Mid Calder had been a success he also told councillors that he would not have resources to police 2 or 3 concurrent dispersal orders across West Lothian. This adds weight to the Liberal Democrats believe that Acceptable Behaviour Contracts are a better way to deal with anti-social behaviour.

ABCs should be set up as a preventative measure rather than ASBOs having to deal with the effects when things go wrong. The result is that young people who signed up for fir ABCs in Islington learnt to take responsibilty for unacceptable behaviour. Similarly Parental control Contracts have been designed for parent of offending children under the age of 10.

Considering the lack of available police manpower to tackle concurrent ASBOs in West Lothian perhaps the local council should look at involving the community more in preventing anti-social behaviour before they find themselves unable to cope with the effects.

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