Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Two Pence Worth on Leadership Shenanigans

I was going to start my post, about the briefing in the corridors of power against the party leader, by supposing I had got elected in May. But then seeing as on some projections Linlithgow and Falkirk East would have given us a overall majority Charles Kennedy would be residing in Number 10 and the issue would not have come up.

A lot has been said and written in the last 24 hours by my fellow Liberal Democrats. My fellow Bangorian Lembit Opik said "I would say if the boss delivers the best result in 82 years, you keep them on."

Stephen Tall points out that not everything CK does is perfect, nor does he please all of the members all of the time. But he argues that the man should be allowed to come to his own decision and not be briefed about behind his back.

James at Quaegquam Blog! warned of the problems of trying to live a life yesterday as Jonathan Calder noticed the BBC had changedits story to this.

Of course this is the biggest thing for us Lib Dems to write about today. Personally I’m ashamed that some of our senior figures are taking a backhanded route to try to oust the leader. Also if they have issues they should take these to the leader, after all we the party of openness, are we not?

However, I think Will Howells puts it best in this open letter.

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