Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Parish Notice Update My Future Blogging

As you may have noticed if you read my Parish Notice at the weekend I'll so be heading over the water to Northern Ireland. Some of you have been concerned about what that means to the blogging.

What? You think I won't have stuff to blog about just because I am over the Irish Sea. Don't Panic! The blogging will carry on. Heck I've even been welcomed by the Liberal Democrats in Northern Ireland prior to my arrival on the strength of my blogging. No pressure at all then when the local party chair says:

"Stephen is a well-known LibDem blogger, so hopefully he will bring some life to
this blog."

As this was the first post on the blog I may be consulting my sister-in-law, who is a midwife, for some post natal advice. Although saying that I seen a number of baby blogs grow out of the seed of an idea inspired by myself and others.

I'll no doubt be posting a Northern Irish slant on things more on that blog while keeping my national and Scottish focus probably more on here. Watch out also for me probably posting some more stuff on Slugger O'Toole which transcends party politics.

I may also get around to finally completing the revamp of my blog. Yeah you may have thought it had been finished but don't you believe it. I still have a few ideas that I never quite got around to with all the campaigning over the last few months.

In other news with Blogger's new comments tab and as I'm currently not standing for any party position I have returned to an unmoderated comments policy for new postings. If you wish to comment on anything over 7 days old that will still be moderated. Just keep behaving in the comments folks.


Mark Pack said...

Excellent. Glad to hear you'll carry on blogging.

Stephen Glenn said...

To be honest Mark I think after 5 years it is engrained in my blood. I think you could even chop off my hands and with voice recognition software I'd still carry on.


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