Saturday, August 14, 2010

Parish Notice

I did alude the other day and indeed over the past few weeks on Facebook that things in my live are about to head for a change.

Well I tonight I did let slip on Twitter and Facebook that I have just enjoyed an Au Revoir meal with Caron's. Anna was our waitress for the evening, Bob prepared an excellent menu of which we had choices but not for the main which was Aberdeen Angus Beef Fillet Steak in a rich peppercorn sauce, accompanied by rosemary potatoes tossed in parsley and roast garlic and tender, sweet asparagus.

We had printed menus and wine lists and everything.

The reason for the Au Revoir is that I am relocating for some time to Northern Ireland. I may be some time, my work have agreed to me working from my mums for the next six months. (I only had this confirmed last thing on Friday and therefore haven't been able to let too many people know too much up until now. But as with all these things live may always take an effect and plans may change.

So therefore it is an Au Revoir to Scotland but I will be back at some point, just not sure in what capacity or when. It has been a funfilled 9 years and I have felt very much at home hear and have made many friends who will remain so for the rest of my live.


Anonymous said...

As local party chair of Northern Ireland, I look forward to having another strong liberal campaigner in our part of the world.

youngdegsy said...

Sad, obviously, to see you go, but hope that your plans turn out for the best. Will have precious few people to noise up about Livingston Comedy Club FC now ... sob, sob.


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