Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Namesake - The Jerk

No I am not being derogatory in the title, because if you were to Google my name you'd also find a lot of mentions to a 65 -year-old from Waco, Texas who was the star of The Jerk (1979). Indeed it was the first starring role for the stand up and writer that people know as Steve Martin.

So why you are asking am I wishing Mr Martin a happy birthday as a namesake? Well his given names are Stephen Glenn Martin, the second name after his father.

He started out doing stand up but also ended up writing for The Smothers Brothers Half Hour, The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour and The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour. He got his first TV appearance in the Steve Allen Show. But is was his guest appearances on Saturday Night Live that lifted him to the stratosphere (he added 1 million viewers when he appeared). This lead to the movie career that many more of us know him from, which started with a lot of physical comedy but has mellowed out somewhat as he got older.

So many happy returns for the 65th time to the man who shares my google search results.

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