Friday, December 19, 2008

Wierd Search Results Week 51 2008

I've decided to each Friday post some of the wierdest ways people surf through to my blog. It started as an idea when someone in Las Vagas came on by using the search word "gambling vanity" so I thought well that location is appropriate. Though heaven knows what they found out about the SNP during Glenrothes.

Mind you yahoo do think that I've written "homourous poems about the credit crunch" as my Twelve Days was in their first 10 hits. Next years Fringe here I come.

I also always wonder when somebody looks for a variation of my name and interesting additions just what, who and why they were looking for "steven glen and the petroleum". I hope that Dane found what and who they were after and that it didn't prove to be their link to nowhere.

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