Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The 12 Days of Credit Crunch

Due to the recession my true love is making cut backs this year.

So On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love is planning to send to me:

Twelve Turkey Drummers
Eleven Red Hot Chilli Piper Downloads
Ten Neds a Fleeing
Nine Laddettes Pouting
Eight things Made in Beijing
Seven Swan match boxes
Six Cheesey lines Goose fat lined tins
Five Cur-tain Rings
Four Calling Cards
Three Bic Pens
Two Turtle Necks
and a poached Partridge egg in Pear Jus


PJ said...

Ha ha, very good. Now you're obviously making an assumption that your readers are clever enough to notice the association between your 12 days of credit crunch and the original - and yes, of course we are!!

However...."Six cheesey lines" (Six geese a laying)...didn't get that one...sorry! Is it an incredibly complex political innuendo/reference to society that I'm missing....

Please explain so that I can chuckle with all the other clever people who didn't need an explanation...

Stephen Glenn said...

I'll hold my hand up and admit that the sixth day caused my true love some difficulty.

There was "six goose fat linings" as an alternative but even buying goose fat was a luxury this year.

A dozen cheesey lines is more like it really with this one being the most.


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