Friday, August 01, 2008

But Pesky Alex Said

Oops, Jeff at SNP Tactical Voting posting this earlier on and I just knew that the main argument from his opening paragraph had been used by other parties, not least by his new found best paid friend Alex Salmond.

Sadly for him I am somewhat of a political anorak and hoarder of news clippings, leaflets etc. Sure enough a little digging and I found the quote I was looking for it was in the Courier on 8 February 2006 the eve of the Dunfermline and West Fife by election.

"It’s clear from all the available evidence that there will be a huge swing
to the SNP at the polls,” Mr Salmond said.

Mr Salmond continued, "Our campaign has been well organised and well
focused, and Douglas Chapman is a tremendous candidate who will do a top class
job of representing the people of this area as their Member of Parliament.

"Only Douglas Chapman can beat Labour
and ensure real change for people here."

The fact that Jeff is trying to emulate his dear leader and predict a come from behind, from fourth or third depending which election result he wants to take, for his own constituency show only two things. What goes around comes around and that he sure has a nose of a political animal, sadly he's the wrong 'breed' and is liable to haunt and taunt me for years to come.

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