Monday, August 04, 2008

Murray the Master

The lad from Dunblane Mister Andy has won his first Master's Series Event in Cincinnati. Yes this may be the city that once had Jerry Springer as mayor but this is no Jerry Springer story.

First Herr Roger fell, then Senor Rafa fell to Gospodin Novak in the semi-finals. It didn't degrade the final that is was a Djokovic v Murray final, these two 21 year-olds are fast becoming the next tier behind Federer and Nadal and not afraid to take on and play well or beat the big two in the game. Djokovic already is the world number 3 and if the Scot had not been injured for much of last summer one wonders just where he would be. However, he will be ranked number 6 in the world as he flies out to Beijing for the Olympics this week.

It is good for the game that the guys are coming up behind the top two, just as Rafa is getting close to Roger's cherished position at the top of the pile. We're not at a changing of the guard just yet but we're at a strengthening of the guard which may well lead to some interesting clashes going forward.

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