Friday, August 01, 2008

Mili Flight Ban

Looks like Gordon has been rearranging stones on the beach in preparation for reshuffle and following on from yesterday's calls for the Foreign Secretary to be sacked David Miliband has be ordered to cancel a trip to India.

Oh dear, it looks like the young buck has indeed been caught too much in the headlights while the boss is away. If he is being told to stay while a reshuffle is pencilled in it can only mean one thing he is moving elsewhere or out. David will be packing for his summer hols to Minorca tomorrow, surely not a boozy fortnight with the lads, not sure whether he should be packing his suitcase or boxing up the contents of his office at the FCO.

There are three possible solutions for Gordon. He can either kick Miliband out of the cabinet altogether, however as I said yesterday this makes him a martyr and a stalking horse and tougher to control. Alternatively he can demote him to a more junior office. However, young David clearly has talent to me in one of the big three jobs so young and so relatively early in his political career and may been seen as a waste of talent. Alternatively the First Lord or the Treasury may well move him up to the roll of Chancellor of the Exchequer after all he can keep tight reins and sharp eyes on him, just as Tony had done on Gordon for 10 years.

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