Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Scottish Water Insurance Scam Bursts

Where in the UK would you, the costomer, have to pay should you water supply pipe burst at a point after it enters your property. The answer is only one place Scotland. In 1997 all the water authourities in Great Britain agreed guaranteeing free repairs of services into customers home, except for Scottish Water.

In fact Scottish Water have been sending out letters to costomers encouraging then to pay £16 for insurance cover on their supply pipes, if every Scottish Water took them up on this offer it would more that cover the cost of the few instances of water supply pipes bursting within costomers property boundaries.

So why is Scotland alone in the UK for facing these charges? If I could get an alternative water supplier like I can my gas and electricity and there was a service provided free by the others I would change or at least consider changing. This is not ano option with water however. Water is a basic necessity of life, however with the companies currently running our supply looking for profit in such scurrelous ways is it not time to return these area monopolies to be returned to public ownership or become a non-profit organisation?


Anonymous said...

Scottish Water is already non-profit and publicly owned. Hence the rotten service.

The Pedant-General in Ordinary said...

And the ones providing this service "free" as our correspondent opines are, errr..., the grubby profit-making capitalist ones South of the border...

Never mind, eh.

Problem: Socialism isn't working.
Solution: Quick! We need more socialism.

Anonymous said...

Just heard of xomeone who took out the Insurance and on claiming was told they weren't covered because they live in a flat.

Patto said...

I totally agree - these policies are basically scams. I held this type of policy with Scottish Gas and when I suspected a burst water main, following on this year's extreme winter conditons in my area of Scotland,two of their Dynarod engineers appeared and first of all told me that if my water supply pipe (within my boundary) was lead (quite likely since it is an old house) that they would not be liable. Over ten years of paying £100 per year, I feel that I have really been conned out of £1000. They did say that if I had a burst pipe "inside the house" their policy would cover it - but most of us will find such mishaps are adequately covered by normal household building & contents policies. There is therefore no need to have a Scottish Water or Scottish Gas policy. There are so many exclusion clauses when you really get down to it, these policies are not worth the paper they are written on. A scam, a shame and a total waste of money folks.


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