Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Can McConnell recover From Blair's Mess?

Well most eyes are turned to the elections 2 days away Peter Jones in The Scotsman has turned his attention to the election a year away tomorrow. With Labour imploding at Westminster he notes that this is having a knock on effect north of the border.

In Deunfermline first and foremost and in Moray last week he notes that the Liberal Democrats were the main beneficaries on both occasions. He says 'for political commentators and pundits, it all looks teerribly exiting'. He muses that once a party starts a slide downhill is is difficult to pull out of that slide.

He muses over the possible outcomes of next years Scottish Parliamentary elections and it make bad reading for Jack McConnell and Alex Salmond. He wrtites, and is possibly the first commentator to do so, that the Lib Dems might win enough seats of Labour for the Lib Dems to return to Governement, but with Nicol Stephen as first minister. Whether that is will an ailing Labour party, the SNP or an anti-nucleur power Lib Dem/SNP/Green coalition is open to debate, so he thinks.

Meanwhile in The Times Peter Riddell is drawing comparisons about the issues regarding Mr Blairs closest allies absence of badly bruised presence in his cabinet leading to a a similar isolation to Margaret Thatcher in her last days at number 10.

No doubt it will be easier staying awake on Thursday night for the election coverage than it was waiting for Graeme Dott to finally beat Peter Ebdon last night.

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