Thursday, May 04, 2006

Strange to Have a Lie In

Every year since 2003 around this time of year, and a a few by-elections as well, I've had one day I've got out of my bed at the crack of dawn knowing I wouldn't see it until I was near to exhaustion on most occasions the following day about 24 hours after leaving it, the exception being the European election. So it feels somewhat strange this morning that most of my fellow Lib Dem bloggers will probably have been out and out and about in their various council areas for hours while here in Scotland all is quiet on election front (first time all year some say it might appear). Not that I'm complaining, people might think I deserve a bit of a rest after the hectic 18 months I've just lived through.

Anyway all the best to the Lib Dem teams across England I'll be tuned in to my TV until the small hours following your progress tonight.

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