Thursday, May 25, 2006

Jack at Odds with Gordon: Again

Earlier this week Gordon Brown told us that 60% of Scots would be doing it, along with him. However, Scotland's First Minister Jack McConnell has revealed he will not be one of them. Jack has said that while he is personally disappointed he will be supporting Scottish based enterprise, determination and graft.

He will also be looking at those that provide flair and seeing how they progress with interest, possibly a veiled snub at Gordon and those that have merited the Chancellor's support. So yet again the Scottish Labour Leader is at odds with the heir apparent at Westminster.

I just hope Gordon doesn't ask for his ball back just because Jack is preferring to support Trinidad and Tobago or Angola with thier Scottish based players over the neighbouring English in this World Cup. Mind you as most of the teams with Scottish-based talent in their ranks are unlikely to get past the first phase of play it should be situation normal for the Tartan Army come the later stages of the tournament.

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