Monday, May 22, 2006

Brown Sides with St. George

Oh dear. Raith Rovers' most famous fan Mr G. Brown with residences in Westminster and North Queensferry has become overly friendly to the team of the three lions.

While he might have got away with supporting the only home nation qualifying for next month's World Cup in a survey of Scottish cabinet ministers he overstepped the mark when he chose his favourite footballing moment. Admittedly the moment was from a Scotland international but he states that Paul Gasgoigne's goal against Scotland in Euro 96 is his hightlight. A fine goal maybe but maybe this casts doubts over Brown's Scottishness as he seeks to emphasis his Britishness to become PM.

Other moments which Gordon might have selected.

1. The 1967 Wembley International when Scotland became the first team to beat the newly crowned World Champions.
2. Archie Gemmills goal in Argentina 1978 against the Netherlands which gave Scotland hope they might yet qulaify for the second phase of the World Cup.
3. 1984 East Fife Beating Hibs in the third Round of the Scottish Cup replay at Easter Road.

Keep up the English act though Gordon at present Labour's best hope next may is if you're the leader, but if your seen as been too much of a Sassenach who can tell. Of his fellow Scots Gordon thinks 60% will be supporting England, yet their group rivals Trinidad and Tobago are selling more shirts than the 3 lions. But maybe Gordon was just respoinding to a three lion whip.

Editors Note: We apologise to non-sport fans for the number of football related stories today it's just the way the news fell. Normal service will be resumed soon.


peter said...

The Raith Rovers Question is just the West Lothian Question got sport: we have a shedload of Scottish MPs being secretaries of state and voting sheep, managing or passing legislation that has no effect in Scotland. The logical extension of this is GB ("l'etat c'est mon initials") supporting England. Nothing to do with utterly unconvincing naked political reasons.

Stephen Glenn said...

The Raith Rovers Question! :-)

I like that I'll use it in hustings and canvassing, it will go down well in West Lothian.

But as for most Scots I know who are football fans they'll be supporting Scotland at the World Cup; Jason that is, of Trinidad and Tobago.


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