Thursday, May 25, 2006

Scotland can be Green Hub of Europe

Nicol Stephen has laid down a challenge to Labour over nuclear power for Soctland. He stated that the Scottish Liberal Democrats will be distancing themselves from the policy that Labour are veering towards which is embracing new nuclear power stations for Scotland.

Nicol said that Scotland is ideally poised to harness its unrivalled potential in wind, wave and tidal power to make a major contribution to climate change. He announced that biomass, marine, offshore wind and hydrogen developments would be targeted with an additional £20 million funding support to ensure that Scotland's natural resources can be fully exploited.

While Tony Blair is making statements that nuclear power is the way to go and Scottish Labour are looking at a three pronged approach to energy provision including to "keep options open" for new nuclear power stations, this is a clear statement of intent. Scotland can beat the targets for clean energy creation by renewables without falling back on nuclear, which at present will still leave an unsatisfactory legacy for generations to come.

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