Monday, May 15, 2006

All Things Are Possible

Is is conceiveable that the Rev Ian Paisley was reading Romans 12:18 before he turned up at Stormont today?

If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.

The reason I ask is because to Northern Irish ears the following statement is earth shattering:

DUP leader Ian Paisley said it was not impossible for his party to work with Sinn Fein, but that republicans would have to "obey the rules".

Mind you the caveat that he applies seems to indicate that he is not taking the word of General John de Chastelain. So maybe it is as much a case of Dr. Paisley also obeying the rules as they are currently drawn up instead of being Pharisheeical about it and carrying out his own interpretation of those rules.

Mind you to show that the DUP aren't taking side they are now also taking exception to the Ulster Unionists accepting Progressive Unionist David Irvine into their group. The reason being the PUP's connections with loyalist paramilitaries the Ulster Volunteer Force. The UVF is not currently in a ceasefire and so therefore possible the DUP might be considering the Ulster Unioinists as worse offenders than Sinn Fein who at least in Paisley's eyes are making an effort. The speaker Eileen Bell is taking counsel on this issue and will make her ruling tomorrow.

In the staring competition that will be going on at Parliament Buildings Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain has made it clear that he will no be blinking first. So we'll continue to watch with interest. There are rarely dull days in Northern Irish politics especially when so much might be at stake.

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