Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Going Red

First off the news that Motorola have announced a red version of the popular L7 SLVR to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. The phone is available unlatched to networks so anyone can place their current SIM into it straight away. On purchase £10 and 5% of all call and text charges will be donated to Bono and Pat Shiver's (Product) Red Global Fund to help combat AIDS in Africa.

I was unable to get a copy of today's Red Independent guest edited by Bono but I'm glad to see that one thing in today's paper is him questioning Tony Blair and Gordon Brown about the African issues connected to their G8 commitments last year. In fact by the looks of things the entire front section of the paper is dedicated to Africa rather than the usual one or two stories slotted away in a side column in the back of the international news section.


Ryan said...

Working all day with mobile phones, there is only one thing I can recommend. Buy ANY OTHER phone and donate £10 to the cause yourself.

Stephen Glenn said...

Now, now Ryan I can't have you discourage people. It might be more than my job's worth. ;-)


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