Monday, May 15, 2006

The A-List: Mission Disastor

Times columnist and new convert to blogsphere William Rees-Mogg has today added his concerns about David Cameron's so called A-List.

His first concern is that the Tories are saying they are for open politics yet have still to publish this list. Lord Rees-Mogg like the rest of us has had to rely on Conservative Home for the news as it leeks out. Currently there are 67 names available there.

He has also looked at the make up of the list, it does reach the objective of being over 50% female. However, he is disbuting the calibre of the women on that list. He singles out Angie Brays as the only female candidate who would be ideal for almost any seat. Considering the news that another woman on that list Sayeeda Warsi has sparked her own little bit of controvery regarding differences in what she is telling her white and Muslim audiences about terrorism.

But the calibre of candidates criticism is not solely aimed at the women. Rees-Mogg also points out that only one third of the list fought a constitunecy in 2005. These as he points out are people who are used to the grat of political campaigning, something he doubts the minor celebreties on the list are prpared for. Also by not recognising the support of the 400 who have stood before in this elite list those turned aside are being asked to graft without even a slim glimmer of acheiving a prize.

But very startling is the location of the A-List, 40% London centric, one Welsh, very few with rural connections. Rees Mogg doesn't even mention Scotland in his breakdown but it may be even worse than Wales. If these people are currently largely not experienced campaigners their lack of assosiation with the 100 key seats will only add to their ineffectuality in campaigning.

Lord Rees-Mogg finishes his article today with a very telling remark.

Francis Maude's grand strategy is beginning to look like a failure.


Anonymous said...

The A-list does not affect Scotland - the Scottish Party operates its own selection procedures.

Stephen Glenn said...

Aha so they are devolving then? Wasn't sure whether seeing as it was for Westminster it would be included or not. Or if none of the top 100 came within the remit of Scotland.


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