Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hope of Livingston Shoppers Nightmare

Since the opening of the new ASDA/Walmart superstore in Livingston a few years ago. Access from the west end of Almondvale Boulevard has been a nightmare. Why the place was allowed to open with one access and exit road at a roundabout junction just behind West Lothian House remains a mystery.

However, there is hope. There is a new proposal to use Almondvale East Road which currently runs along the store and is inticingly freer of traffic than the Boulevard as a planned entry point to a new raised car park with 231 spaces. This may come as a releive to a number of local who have expressed concenr due to the nature of Livingston's shopping infrastructure. With all shopping being based in an around Almondvale Boulevard they don't venture into town on the weekends when the out of towners come to MacArthur Glen and some of the other superstores in the area.

Officials are proposing that councillors approve the new car parking scheme which should hopefully relieve some pressure from some of the bottlenecks around the shops.

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