Wednesday, March 29, 2006

MP Finally Raises Issues of Pension Credits

It is good to see that Michael Connarty has finally caught on to the fact that pension credit is an issue.

I thank my hon. Friend for that answer. I know that 6,000 of his constituents and 5,500 families in my constituency are in receipt of pension credit. However, there are two worrying things. During the election, it was the one issue that pensioners came to me to shake my hand on—although they do not do such things publicly in a gathering—and say that it had changed their lives and lifted them from poverty. First, is it not concerning that 1.2 million pensioners are not claiming their pension credit, the value of which is £1.6 billion?

Glad he is finally on board as those of us in the local Liberal Democrats first raised the issue back at the start of October.

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