Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Returning to Circulation

Well after a rather traumatic month starting with the move, then confronting by ex-fiancees father over the money he owed me and then short changed me, all of this while not having a computer, then not having my BT Braodband installation disk I am back in the land of the blogging.

I also ended up not being able to get to either conference last month due to getting the new flat up and running so for people who had been expecting to see me let me asure you I am still alive and ahave also been gearing up for the council elections. That's 2007 not next month.

Last night I left an action night meeting really energised and ready to get out there and meet the public after all the weather has improved (what snow) and there now are less than 13 months to polling day.

While I've been intermittent in Blogsphere I see that Liberal Review and Apollo Project have formed a coalition. Any more and I think some of us independent bloggers might be referring them to the monoploies and mergers commission. As I see there is a new trend to wiki meme. Something I actually know quite a bit about is my date of birth so I'll do that to follow.

It is good to be back and alive and active online again. How did we survive before t'internet?

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