Thursday, March 02, 2006

Confuddled Journalism

You have to feel sorry for Scotsman political correspondent Gerri Pevi. He wrote today that he finds the Liberal Democrat's three candidate leadership election AV voting system complicated.

Maybe he would do well to look at the Electoral Reform Society explanations of the various systems or he may just find himself out of a job before Scotland as a whole goes to the polls again. Failing that he may have to seek alternative employment within the paper.

Sadly he won’t be able to move into sports journalism, if he can’t get this election betting will be beyond him. As for scoring in cricket or rugby or football’s offside rule, well he has no hope there. Cooking might be seen as a soft option however, he’d have to work out measures in either American or European measures. At least he might be able to be a restaurant correspondent unless he had to work out his own bill for claiming expenses from The Scotsman.

On second thoughts maybe Mr Pevi is merely trying to add to the doubts of the system that his paymasters possess. They do not want to see fair elections and a fair electoral system, that is until they provide more representation for their Tory cronies.

1 comment:

James said...

If he struggles with an AV election with 3 candidates, meaning that voters have to be able to count to 2, God knows how he'll cope with the Scottish local elections next year!


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