Thursday, March 02, 2006

Education or Manure

One advatange of having google news alerts is that certain events or mentions of people come to your attention that you amnaged to miss.

For example today I was surprised to find that my new neighbour, well his office is just around the corner, Michael Connarty's name appeared in the Graunaid. Mind you it was only in his capacity as Chair of the Tribune group and not for any comment he himself made.

However, with one member of the group saying of the education bill:

'I may vote against, I may abstain, I may hold my nose and support it.'

If my MP wants to pop around the corner when he is town for his surgery on Saturday I'll be more than happy to lend him the required clothes peg, unless he is preparing to vote against or abstain that is. However, he may be part of Labour's Scottish coral to save Tony having to rely on the Tories to pass English eduication legislation. How times have changed for Linlithgow's representative in Westminster.

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