Sunday, February 05, 2006

Some Things About the Next MP

1. As Erland Watson said the other night in campaign HQ:

"Vote Willie Rennie for MP as he beat Tony Blair before he was elected"

Referring to the lost votes earlier this week when between 15 and 25 Labour MPs were up in Dunfermline instead of at the crucial vote on the Racial and Relgious Hatred Bill.

2. As The Times said on Friday:

"Willie Rennie, who, most people agree, is the best of the candidates."

So why settle for second best.

3. He is a Fifer fighting for Fife.

4. Dunfermline can either have someone who will stand up for them against the Labour government or have another yes man for Tony Blair. However, after the votes on Tuesday it appears that even the Prime Minister cannot be relied on to back his own policies in tight votes.

5. He is opposed to the £4 Bridge Toll.

However, just over £2000 more is needed by 9pm tonight to swell Lord Rennard's coffers for the final push to make sure Willie Rennie is heading to Westminster on Friday morning. Spread the word.


Liberal Neil said...

Hi Stephen - I think I bumped into you in Dunfermline but didn't match the name to the face - good to see you!

Good luck on Thursday.

Stephen Glenn said...

I was wearing my London Irish Rugby shirt at the weekend. And I'm currently sporting a grade 3 all over the head in a vain attempt to hide the bald spots. If our paths managed to cross in the few short momenets I was in the campaign HQ until the late evening Saturday when I was also manning the guilotine and folding machine for most of it.

Liberal Neil said...

Yes - twas in the vicinity of the Risos - you were looking busy at the time!

Stephen Glenn said...

What do you mean looking?!? I was busy at the time! ;-)


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