Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Too Many Fights For Labour

One of the excuses Labour are spinning for losing two votes on the Religious Hatred Bill last night, apart from Tony going home for his Cocoa, is that a number of MPs were absent from the House campaigning in Dunfermline. There are differences of opinion over how many Labour MPs were in Fife, the BBC say 15 however The Scotsman is saying as many as 25.

Now I have two questions for Labour.

1) Why were so many of your MPs away from such important business in the House of Commons, especially as George Galloway was there voting with the majority of the Labour Party? Especially as many of your members criticised George for not attending to Parliamentary business while locked in the Big Brother house.

2) With so many MPs away in Dunfermline during the working week are you scared of losing Dunfermline and West Fife to the challenging Liberal Democrat candidate Willie Rennie on 9 February?

I doubt I'll ever get the straight answers but I'll let you draw your own conclusions. However, I'm looking forward to seeing looks of anxiety on Labour faces on polling day judging by all that has gone before.

Or course some may have opted for Dunfermline to avoid having to vote in such a controversial and illiberal bill, if so I applaud them.


peter said...

I used to sing about four and twenty virgins coming down from Inverness when a Liverpool University rugger bugger. Don't know if we can find a rhyme for five and twenty Labour sheep lurking in Dunfermline...

Stephen Glenn said...

How about:

It is one of those facts of life
That 25 MPs hiding in Fife
Whilst a by election they fight
Gave the PM a fright
If he hadn’t sneaked home to the wife.


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