Saturday, February 25, 2006

Helping Willie Say Thank You

I have just returned from Inverkeithing where I was distributing thank you leaflets on behalf of Willie Rennie.

The Scotsman magazine today had a article on Willie's first fortnight in Westminster. It mentioned the fact that the first time he returned in daylight he got unto the bridge and realised that in front of him he saw his constituency. My timing of reading this couldn't have been better as just as I reached that line my train was starting to cross the Firth of Forth on the rail bridge. Mind you I'd heard this story from Willie last week following the hustings.

Anyway I turned up at that very familiar office, soon to be vacated for new premises in Dunfermline, for another few hundred leaflets to deliver. Everyone in the office was still smiling. Someone said it felt like forever that they had had a Liberal Democrat MP rather than just two weeks. I did the long drag from the office down the High Street to the far end of town yet again. I know the steps to those flats so well by know. I can find the back entrances in the dark, because at times I have done.

Having seen a number of people only last week it seems like I have never been away. Mind you it was lovely to put out a thank you leaflet from a Lib Dem MP for the first time in my campaigning career. I know it won't be the last.

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