Thursday, February 23, 2006

Child Protection Measures to be Discussed in West Lothian

West Lothain Council is to look into one of the suggestions made by members of the public following the disappearnace and murder of Rory Blackhall in August last year.

The idea is that if a pupil fails to turn up to scholl without prearrangement or at the prearranged time a text message will be sent to the parent or guadian to alert them to this and prompt them to respond either that the child is absent with the parents knowledge or to take appropriate action. In Rory's cases his absence from school was only noted when his grandfather came to collect him at the end of the school day. This scheme would give police a vital few hours head start in the case of any further abductions.

Meanwhile the Scottish executive is to introduce Scottish Candidate Numbers for all pupils in state schools to be able to track their movements. This would stop the re-occurance of incidents such as Danielle Reid who went missing in 2003. Her mother lied that the child had be en take n out of school and the family moved to Manchester to cover up for her partner who had murdered the child and thrown her body in a suitcase into the Caledonian Canal.

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