Sunday, February 26, 2006

No Slam This Year

It has been a good weekend for many rugby followers, my apologies to Peter Black and and the whole plethora of English Lib Dem Bloggers. As an Irishman resident in Scotland it has been a glorious weekend. We are three weeks into this years six nations and already no country is on course for a Grand Slam and only Italy are really out of the running for winning this season.

With Scotland beating the previously unbeaten English at Murrayfield yesterday, I wish I'd not attempted to change trains at Haymarket at 4:45 yesterday and Ireland beating Waled this afternoon, I'm one happy rugby fan. Now there are four countries with a 2-1 record, England, France, Ireland and Scotland. It makes all the matches in the last two weeks vitally important.

I'm just happy that Ireland are not scheduled to play Scotland during Scottish confernece weekend this year. A couple of years back at the BBC reception on the Friday night the head of BBC Scotland addressed the delgates by saying I hope you will all be cheering on Scotland as they take on Ireland in tomorrow evenings tie. I said out load not all of us, know the people to the left hand side would expect nothing less, only to turn to my right and see the then Scottish leader Jim Wallace smiling braodly at my comment. Fortunately he has not bourn me a grudge. Although I am led to believe we were cheering on different teams at Murrayfiled last year.

Mind you Ireland have the last game of this years six nations on 18th March when we take on England at Twickenham. Who knows how important that game will turn out to be for both teams?


peter said...

The best team won: that doesn't hurt. What will hurt is when I (an Englishman) arrive back in Ireland to work tomorrow.

Stephen Glenn said...

Ouch that has gotta hurt.

Mind you I'll be slapping Scots on the back and they'll be wishing us the best for the St. Patrick's weekend fixture.

Sorry Peter you're the common enemy.


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