Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Personal Statement From A Former Parliamentary Candidate

To the editors of the Independent, Times, Telegraph, Grauniad et al,

I was the Liberal Democrat Candidate for Linlithgow and Falkirk East at the 2005 General Election. Like Adrian Graves the candidate for Suffolk West I came third, I secured 15.3% of the vote. Unlike Mr Graves I will not be leaving the party, and I can assure you that the parties MPs, many of our candidates from the General Election and many party members feel the same, in significantly higher numbers that those in Mr Graves statement.

I am not persuaded by David Cameron's so called embracing of Liberalism. Unlike the easily gullible I have looked at his record on the issues where he claims he is liberal and find him diametrically opposed to his new stance and therefore very confused and in a dangerous state of mind. He is saying one thing when all indications are the reverse.

I am therefore proud to remain a member of the Liberal Democrat Party and look forward to standing for election again as a Liberal Democrat candidate again in the futures.

Yours etc.

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