Wednesday, January 25, 2006

200+ Listed for Simon

I have just done a quick check on the list of Supporters on Simon Hughes' campaign site and was encouraged to find over 200 names on page two of his list of supporters not counting the number of parliamentarians and councillors listed on page 1.

I suppose every one of those listed so publicly has ensured that their nomination has been delivered on time to Simon's campaign office and I know that many others have not put their name forward for publication on the website, so I'm sure that the official announcement that Simon has the required support to be on the ballot to become the next leader is not far away.


Biscit said...

I have nominated Simon and my name is not on his website, so yes you're right he has nominees that aren't publicly listed

Susanne said...

Leaving aside the elected members (page 1)
many of the names listed (page 2)are those that have signed up as supporters from the web with an email address.

There are several members who don't have emails who nominated him. Presume they are being very careful about checking out if they are genuine members - many of the names are known activists. Had to give them a bell to ensure my friend is listed after he went to all the trouble of sending in the form whilst I was dithering about.

Go on if it's Simon you are going for get your name on the list and boost his numbers.


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