Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Is Gordon Running Scared?

Gordon Brown may be being talked about as the next Prime Minister. However, if he handles each marginal seat like he has Dunfermline and West Fife, where his party is supposedly defending an 11,000 majority, instead of prudence he will have the country on the brink of bankruptcy during a General Election.

What is worse is that for the third time in a week he has ridden roughshod of the devolved Scottish Parliament from his office in Westminster.

Already he has forced the Scottish Labour party to renege on a proposed £4 toll on the Forth Road Bridge. Then he forced them to reopen the option of a second road bridge.

Yesterday he announced plans for a new business training centre in Dunfermline. The only notice that Scotland’s First Minster, Jack McConnell, got of this was when the backers of the centre gave his office a courtesy call. Then continuing his on the hoof announcement making following an announcement of 700 job losses at the Lexmark plant in the constituency the Chancellor decided to immediately conjured up a job pledge to allay fears.

All this over the top activity in one constituency has led the Scotsman to the conclusion that:

The only possible reason for Mr Brown's bizarre approach to this by-election is that he is worried that Labour will lose.

So with the Chancellor suddenly treating this seat as a marginal Liberal Democrat spirits are riding high. This seat is winnable for Willie Rennie and the people in Dunfermline are starting to think it is as well.

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